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Benefits of Boxing and Beyond…

Ever put on a pair of boxing gloves and just WAILED on the bag?  I have recently found a new love for boxing, it’s health benefits, and beyond. It’s something I never would have thought I would get so into. Both physical and emotional pains are things I try to avoid.

My personal trainer had mentioned a few times prior what a great stress reliever it would be for me… but I just blew him off each time.  One day, I noticed him and one of his other clients smacking the pads and dancing around the room, which intrigued me.   And that was the moment I chose to just go for it.  My trainer was so excited, he went as far as buying a pair of pink boxing gloves just for me to use (which was pretty cool). boxing-415394_1280For me, boxing has been a huge way to relieve stress, but more importantly… it’s a release of all pent-up emotion.   I feel I have been able to “break the masks” that I’ve been hiding behind.  I feel the pieces of me (that were no longer serving me) start to fall away with each jab and cross.  Every time I hit the pads and hear that “POP,” a little more of the anger, resentment, self-doubt, and sadness leave my body!  All the self-loathing, lack of motivation, internal conflict, and negativity that used to eat me up…. gets left in the ring.  I am one notch closer to who I want to be with every single punch.  If you haven’t tried it… I suggest giving it a go. 

And even if it’s just for exercise, you can consider boxing your all-in-one cardio/strength workout.  I find that you are so focused on the technique and punching combos, that you don’t even realize your heart rate climbing into that fat-burning zone.  And Harvard Medical School agrees with me… they published this list of benefits in an article in November 2015.


  • Improves balance
  • Helps posture
  • Strengthens upper- body and core
  • Boosts endurance
  • May increase alertness
  • Enhances mood
  • improves hand-eye coordination

I encourage you to make a switch to your current routine.  If you know you have some built up anger, resentment, hurt or stress… this could be a great therapeutic choice.  Like two-birds-one-stone really:  You get the stress out and get stronger and leaner all in the same hour.  You might be putting your therapy sessions on pause while you deliver your own “treatment.”argument-238529_1280I leave each boxing session a little bit taller.  The gloves come off and I walk away feeling renewed.  I feel as though I am one step closer to the powerhouse woman I want to become.  Creating that person I envision myself to be has truly been the hardest battle I have ever had to fight.  The fact that I was struggling with all these negative voices was bringing me down rather than up.   These voices were putting up this invisible barrier that stood between who I was and who I wanted to become. Boxing, to me, is about defeating that voice that tells me I can’t do something.  It is my way to conquer and crush my invisible opponents; to hold up my arms in victory and announce confidently, “That’s one more demon I have defeated… WHO’S NEXT!?”

Ding… freaking… Dingnightmare-364838_1280

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