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Weight Loss vs Fat Loss


In my experience as a personal trainer, I have had plenty of conversations about weight loss versus fat loss with my clients… especially women!  As you start to train, change your diet and start living a healthy lifestyle, the scale will drop and you foresee this as success.  Then a plateau may hit or even an […]


Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Bread

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 3.52.26 PM

This gluten free and dairy free bread has been an amazing way of getting my sandwiches in if I have to eliminate either from my diet.  I often avoid wheat, and at times I have had to avoid dairy.  When I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, she has a sensitive tummy and got […]


Tangled Thai Salad for Healthy Skin

Parsley (1)

I LOVE me some exotic flavors…  and Thai happens to be one of my favorites.  Although I love each dish when I visit a Thai restaurant, I have no heritage or influence in my life; therefore, I have no “natural instinct” on how to make Thai recipes from scratch.  Sure, I have tried some of the dressings […]